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Virginia's Premier 3D & 4D HD Live Ultrasound Studio



We are a 2D, 3D, 4D and HD Live Ultrasound and Photography Studio located in Troy, VA. We are dedicated to providing elective prenatal photography imaging for pregnant women 10-34 weeks along.


We believe that ultrasounds can provide a bonding experience with your baby before they come into this world.


Gender Reveal Ultrasound Services

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Wondering where you can go to find the gender of your baby? Depending on your specific case, we can determine the gender as early as 14 weeks.

Schedule your appointment today and see!

baby 3d ultra sound studio Troy, Virginia

Revisit Your Ultrasound Anytime

We have an amazing new App available!  We can put the all of your ultrasound pictures all in one place on a special app created just for you.  You can easily share on all devices including your smart phone, tablet, even your laptop or PC.  Share your photos and videos to social media with one click!  All your friends and family can view the app and see your little bundle.  Have the pictures of your baby always with you!

We can also stream your ultrasound session to anywhere in the world!  Do you have friends or family that live far away and want to be a part of your big day?  We will schedule your ultrasound event and you can invite anyone to join us for the ultrasound live.

Bump2Baby 3d Ultra Sound Studio
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